Dreamstock partners up with Série A club Vasco da Gama from Rio

Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo Ferreira

São José dos Campos – SP 23/09/2023 – 17h56 Atualizado há uma hora


TOKYO, Japan – Dreamstock Inc. and Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama, one of the premier clubs in Brazil, have agreed to start a partnership to use the DSFootball product for scouting youth players from all over the globe. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Libertadores and 4-time Brazilian champion has one of the best youth systems in Brazil, having produced players such as Philipe Coutinho (Al-Duhail), Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa) and Talles Magno (New York City). From now on, they will have access to the entire pool of players signed up for the DSFootball platform. The club will use the DSFootball team of analysts to improve their scouting depth and open new opportunities for kids who could not otherwise be seen by such a big club. Check out what Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama has to say about the partnership:

The dream of becoming a Vasco da Gama player is closer than ever. Aiming to democratize the opportunities for young players to be part of the Gigante da Colina youth team, the club is announcing a partnership with Dreamstock, which combines soccer and technology to develop the best work for clubs.

Dreamstock, through the DSFootball app, will collect openings in Vasco’s youth system and advertise online selections for players who want to join Vasco’s teams. They will be screened from application to video submission. The app will make it easier to find new players, especially those who don’t live in Rio de Janeiro.

DSFootball’s Head of Marketing, Lucas Ribeiro, spoke about the partnership:
“It’s a great pleasure for us to be able to work with Vasco, not only because of the club’s greatness and history, but also because it’s a club that cares about the grassroots and training athletes. I’m sure we’ll be very successful.”

The Recruitment Department reiterates that it is delighted with this partnership, which will help in the work of identifying talent for Vasco’s youth academy, which historically produces great players. The use of the DsFootball app will democratize opportunities for players who live far from Rio de Janeiro and add to the recruitment work that is already being done.

About Dreamstock

Using technology to revolutionize and debureaucratize the way players are found today.
To make it possible to sign the best players through an integrated platform between club, player and soccer analyst.

We believe that everyone can live their dream. The player’s dream of starting to play soccer professionally, of growing up and playing for the best teams in the world, or the club’s dream of finding its ideal player.

Today, Dreamstock has two major solutions: DSFootball, which is the largest online soccer selection and screening platform in Brazil, with more than 270,000 athletes, and DSScout, one of the most innovative platforms for analyzing and researching professional players in the world.



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